On 28 Oct 2022, in conjunction of Chief Rev. B. Sri Saranankara ‘s 69th birthday, 300 pax vegetarian lunch were offered to the community in Kluang at orphanage home, old folk homes and homeless.
Sangha Dana was offered at Taklung Monastery for 40 Sangha Members and Karma Leksheyling for 90 young novice monks in Bhutan.
2022 年 10 月 28 日,欣逢长老 69 岁寿辰,宏慈佛教会为居銮社区的孤儿院、老人院和无家可归者提供了 300 人素食午餐。
同时供僧道粮于不丹的达隆寺供的40 名僧伽成员,及嘎玛列西林佛寺的90 名年轻沙弥。

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