About Us

Maha Karuna Buddisht Society

In 2001, The Maha Karuna Buddhist Society was formed under the guidance and inspiration of The Most Venerable B.Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera (Chief High Priest Judiciary of Malaysia and Chief Monk of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul KL.  This aim of this society is to organize spiritual and welfare activities that will benefit the society.

The Buddha taught us to cultivate two great virtues, namely Wisdom and Compassion.

  • Wisdom is the ability to see things as they are and is cultivated through spiritual practice.
  • Great Compassion or Maha Karuna is cultivated by serving the needy through welfare activities.

Welfare activities by the Society are as follows:

  1. Conduct Blessing Services
  2. Sunday Dharma School,
  3. Buddhist Meditation Retreats
  4. Children’s Dharmma Camp
  5. Wesak Day and Kathina Ceremony
  6. Maha Karuna Building Fund.

Yayasan Maha Karuna (Maha Karuna Foundation)

On 5th May 2006,  Yayasan Maha Karuna was founded  with its main objective to serve the needy in Malaysia regardless of race or religion with below mission :

  • To provide service of charitable and compassionate nature of the benefit of the Malaysian community
  • To provide facilities and to organize and to conduct training and development programs for the advancement of mental, intellectual and spiritual well-being.
  • To organize and sponsor educational, welfare, health and religious and other related activies that will promote harmony and improve better well-being of Malaysians.

Below are the welfare activities by Yayasan Maha Karuna :

  1. Educare – to donate essential school items to needy school children regardless of race and religion
  2. Maha Karuna Mobile Free Clinic – provides medical outreach to the needy in rural areas
  3. Maha Karuna Compassionate Home (Senior Citizens Home) – aid to Senior Citizens & People with Disabilities
  4. Teens Leadership program
  5. Medical Aid to needy
  6. Educational and Financial Aid to the needy
  7. Rural Community Aid