In the month of Vesakha year 2023, 1335 chairs were distributed free under the guidance of Chief Reverend Bootawatte Saranankara Maha Thera in Sri Lanka over a few schools and Monk Training Centre at Bootawatte, Thalatuoya, Saranankara Primary School, and MahaMevnawa Buddhist College, Delgoda at Maha Karuna Training Centre.
于2023年卫塞月,在尊者斯里沙拉南加拉长老的领导及协调下,一共1335张椅子被捐赠于斯里兰卡的学校及僧侣培训中心(佛学院),分布于Bootawatte, Thalatuoya, 沙拉南加拉小学和瑪哈么悟纳佛学中心 (位于斯里兰卡宏慈培训中心)Delgoda.
Dhammapada Verse 118.
Accumulated Merit Leads To Happiness
If one should some merit make
do it again and again.
One should wish for it anew
for merit grows to joy.

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