Mahindarama Buddhist Temple Penang & Maha Karuna Buddhist Society had collaborated on recent flood relief aid in January 2022.
Flood relief efforts reached out to Taman Seri Muda, Shah Alam on 08 January 2022. Chief Reverend B. Sri Saranankara Maha Thera (Chief Adhikarana Judiary Monk of Malaysia) and Chief Monk of Mahindarama Buddhist Temple Penang, Ven.
Suriyawewa Dhammawansha Thero too participated in the reaching out, to deliver the provisions and moral support to the peoples.
This is the 4th entry at Jalan Hikmat 25/82, Jalan Sentosa, Jalan Amal, Jalan Mantap and etc. The team sent relief items door to door. Relief items including 201 set of 5kg detergent powder, 160 set of water purifier, 100 set of 1.8litre Midea Rice Cookers, 60 set of table fans, 100 set of 12 pcs dinner set and 30 set of 4โ€ reborn mattress.
More than 250 families regardless of races and religion received the support.
Maha Karuna Buddhist Society would like to thank all the well wishers for supporting and collaborating in this event. This flood relief aid is contributed by Mahindarama Buddhist Temple Penang.
May the power of many are gathered to efficiently help those affected in recent flash floods.
May all those affected, be blessed with comfort, peace and swift recovery.
ไบŽ2022ๅนด1ๆœˆ8ๆ—ฅ้€ๆด่‡ณ่ŽŽ้˜ฟๅ—็š„ๆ–ฏ้‡Œๆ…•่พพ่Šฑๅ›ญ๏ผˆๅคชๅญๅ›ญ๏ผ‰ใ€‚้ฉฌๆฅ่ฅฟไบšๅ—ไผ ้ฆ–ๅบงๅธๆณ•้ซ˜ๅƒง-ๅฐŠ่€…ๆ–ฏ้‡Œๆฒ™ๆ‹‰ๅ—ๅŠ ๆ‹‰้•ฟ่€่ฟžๅŒๆงŸๅŸŽ็Ž›ๅ…ด่พพๆ‹‰้บปไฝ›ๅฏบไฝๆŒ-ๅฐŠ่€…่พพ็Ž›ไธ‡่ˆๆณ•ๅธˆๅ‡ๅ‡บๅธญไบ†ๆญคไธ‹ไนกๆœๅŠก๏ผŒๅˆฐ่ฏฅๅŒบๆฐด็พ้€ๆดๅนถ็ป™ไบˆ็พ้ปŽ็ฒพ็ฅžไธŠ้ผ“ๅŠฑใ€‚
่ฏฅ็‰ฉ่ต„ๅŒ…ๆ‹ฌไบ†201ไปฝ5ๅ…ฌๆ–คๆด—่กฃ็ฒ‰๏ผŒ160ๅฅ—่ฟ‡ๆปคๆฐดๅ™จ๏ผŒ100ๅฅ—1.8ๅ…ฌๅ‡็”ต้ฅญ็…ฒ, 60ๅฅ—ๆกŒ้ฃŽๆ‰‡๏ผŒ100ๅฅ—12ไปถๅผ็ข—็ขŸๅŠ30ๅฅ—4โ€˜โ€™ ๅบŠ่คฅ็ญ‰ใ€‚ ๅ›ข้˜Ÿ้€ๆˆท้€ไธŠๆ”ฏๆด็‰ฉๅ“ใ€‚ๆฌกๆ”ฏๆดไธบ็ฌฌ4ๆฌก็ป™ไบˆๅๅŠฉ้€พ250ๆˆทไฝไบŽHikmat่ทฏ๏ผŒSentosaๅœฐๆฎต๏ผŒMantap ่ทฏ๏ผŒAmal่ทฏ็ญ‰็š„ๅฎถๅบญ๏ผŒไธๅˆ†็งๆ—ๅ’Œๅฎ—ๆ•™็š†ๅœจ่ฟ™้กน่ตˆๆตŽไธญๅ—ๆƒ ใ€‚

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