2021 hasnโ€™t been an easy year for many of us.
A contribution in charitable event is more than an exchange of money — itโ€™s a hope on the part of the giver that he or she will help create a miracle, small or large.Through your support we have been able to accomplish this year goal and continue working towards the purpose to serve the peoples of Malaysia both spiritually and charitably irrespective of ethnic and religion. Truthfully, we could not do this without you. We, and those we served, sincerely appreciate your support๏ผ
โ€œThere are greater things to be achieved in every New Year, for a better self, better society, and a better world.โ€
Every end marks a new beginning.
Keep your spirits and mind unshaken,
and you become what you believe
๐‡๐š๐ฉ๐ฉ๐ฒ ๐๐ž๐ฐ ๐˜๐ž๐š๐ซ ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ !
ๅฏนไบŽๆ…ˆๅ–„ๆดปๅŠจ็š„่ดก็Œฎไธไป…ไป…ๆ˜ฏ้‡‘้’ฑไบคๆข–ๅฎƒๆ˜ฏๆ–ฝไบˆ่€…็š„ไธ€ไธชๅธŒๆœ›๏ผŒ้€่ฟ‡่ฟ™ๅ–„ไธพๅฏไปŽไธญๅๅŠฉๅˆ›้€ ๅฅ‡่ฟน๏ผŒไธ่ฎบๅคงๅฐใ€‚้€š่ฟ‡ๆ‚จ็š„ๆ”ฏๆŒ๏ผŒๆˆ‘ไปฌ่ƒฝๅคŸๅฎž็ŽฐไปŠๅนด็š„็›ฎๆ ‡๏ผŒๅนถ็ปง็ปญๆœ็€่ฟ™ไธ€็›ฎๆ ‡ๅŠชๅŠ›๏ผŒไธๅˆ†็งๆ—ๅ’Œๅฎ—ๆ•™ไฟกไปฐ๏ผŒๅœจ็ฒพ็ฅžๅ’Œๆ…ˆๅ–„ๆ–น้ขไธบ้ฉฌๆฅ่ฅฟไบšไบบๆฐ‘่ดก็Œฎ ใ€‚่ฏดๅฎž่ฏ๏ผŒๅฐ‘ไบ†ๆ‚จ๏ผŒๆˆ‘ไปฌๆ— ๆณ•ๅšๅˆฐ่ฟ™ไธ€็‚นใ€‚ๆˆ‘ไปฌไปฅๅŠๆ‰€ๆœ‰ๅ—ๆƒ ็š„็คพ็พค๏ผŒ่กทๅฟƒๆ„Ÿ่ฐขๆ‚จ็š„ๆŠคๆŒใ€‚
ๆฏไธ€ไธช็ปˆ็‚นๆ ‡ๅฟ—็€ไธ€ไธชๆ–ฐ็š„ๅผ€ๅง‹ใ€‚
2022ๅนด ๆ–ฐๅนดๅฟซไน๏ผ
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