On 14 November 2021, Maha Karuna Buddhist Society, Malaysia had performed sponsorship towards the Tanzania Buddhist Temple & Meditation Centre to organise its annual Kathina Ceremony. 7 Sangha Members attended the Kathina Ceremony.
Gratitude to all the well wishers, voluntary coordinators & we appreciate ten directions Sangha Members compassionately accepting these offering.
May all the merits gathered, bring peace to the world.
May all sentient beings be free from sufferings & attain ultimate bliss of nibbana.
This International Kathina Ceremony programme took place in more than 108 monasteries at remote area, over 8 countries, from 20 October 2021 until 19 November 2021.
ใ€ไธนๆ–ฏๅฐผไบšใ€‘- ไพ›่ขˆ่ฃŸไปชๅผ2021ๅนดๅบฆไน‹่ตžๅŠฉ

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