【Malaysia Maha Karuna Buddhist Society NEWS FEED】23 May 2021 | Sri Lanka | Loves No Boundaries, Medical aids for Hospitals
In May 2021, three unit Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Therapy Machine were donated to government hospital in Sri Lanka where two unit of the machines were allocated to Ampara General Hospital and one unit machine was donated to General Hospital in Ratnapura.
The aid given totalled RM84,000 provided by well-wisher Mr G.C. Neoh from Malaysia, with the hope to assist the Hospitals and medical officers to fight the pandemic and save lives.
【马来西亚宏慈佛教会NEWSFEED】2021年5月23日| 斯里兰卡 | 爱无国界
于2021年五月份,三台 Optiflow 鼻氧治疗机捐赠于斯里兰卡政府医院,其中两台机器分配给安帕拉总医院,一台机器捐赠给拉特纳普勒总医院。
来自马来西亚的善士Neoh G.C.先生提供了总计 84,000 令吉的援助,希望能帮助当地医院和医务人员抗击 Covid-19 疫情及拯救性命。

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