【Malaysia Maha Karuna Buddhist Society continues reach out to the needy】
Vesak Day
We commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha, we are all inspired by His Teachings.
Buddha mentions TWO types of offering. Material offering and spiritual offering.
【Material Offering 】Dana offering for the virtues one that consider pooja, out of respect we offer it. If you offer to the needy because of compassion.
【Spiritual offering】that is the highest offering to the Buddha. Spiritual offering in a way of self development, self cultivation by observing and upkeeping the Precepts and living virtues life.
To live a better life, it is not only to develop own self qualities, but also to raise the other lives.
Besides the 5 days continuous vegetarian lunch distribution of daily 600 pax to needy community in Malaysia, Kluang Johor since the Vesak Eve. On 26 May 2021 (Vesak Day), Maha Karuna Buddhist Society distributed dried food provision to needy community in Varanasi, India. A total of 150 families are benefited. Too, another batch of dry food provision reached 25 families at Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh, india on this Auspicious Uposatha day.
除了于卫塞节前夕开始一连五天,每天600份的素食午餐分派于马来西亚柔佛州居銮地区有需要的社群,于2021年5月26日 卫塞节这一天,宏慈佛教会也分派了物资粮食于印度瓦拉纳西的子民,一共150户人家受惠,及北印度 Himachal Pradesh,Dharamshala社区的25户家庭。

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