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| Piriven Education

On 19 March, 2021. Chief Reverend B. Sri Saranankara offered books to 32 Piriven Educational Institutions for their libraries in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The books are handover by the President of Sri Saranankara Foundation, Rev Badullegama Siriwimala Thero. Different titles books which are useful for monk education. With the intention to encourage young monks for reading habits as of in modern days easily prone to attached to mobile devices. The objectives of offering books to cultivate monks reading habits. And educated all piriven headmasters and teachers on importance of maintaining a library in every training centre. Chief Reverend B.Sri Saranankara tirelessly initiate and implementing such cause.

The main task of Buddhist Monastic community is to preserve and practise the Teaching of the Buddha. The Buddha Himself had indicated that the survival of the Teaching depends upon the existence of the monastic community, whose members can devote all their life time and energy to this important task. Having accomplished this, they can use their leaning and wisdom to help society as a whole.

Although the members of the Buddhist monastic community have renounced the worldly life, they still have an important contribution to make to the welfare of the society. For instance, they help to solve the problems of the lay followers through counselling. Not being attached to the worldly condition such as happiness, pain gain and loss; they are more objective and farsighted in their outlook. They are therefore able to advise the lay followers on the best course of conduct. They also help lay followers to face the trials and suffering of life, especially in times of distress such as when a serious illness or death occurs.

【慈佛教会 新闻提要】斯里兰卡 | 二零二一年三月十九日 | 关怀教育 | 僧侣教育

二零二一年三月十九日,尊者斯里沙拉南加拉长老向32个僧侣教育学院提供了书籍,供其在斯里兰卡阿努拉德普勒的多所图书馆使用。这些书籍由Sri Saranankara基金会主席 Badullegama Siriwimala 法师移交给僧侣教育学院的老师们。不同的题材的书籍对僧侣教育有很大的帮助。出于鼓励当今年轻僧侣阅读习惯的目的,因为现代人们很容易将其心思附着在移动电子设备上。提供书籍的目的是为了培养小和尚的阅读习惯。并向所有派里僧侣学校的校长和老师们提倡了在每个培训中心拥有集保持图书馆的重要性。尊者斯里沙拉南加拉长老孜孜不倦地发起并实施这一事业。




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