The Joy of Giving 365 Days – Senior Citizen 三百六十五天 给予的喜悦 ”感恩长者”
【Malaysia Maha Karuna Buddhist Society NEWS FEED】2021 | Annual Senior Citizen Appreciation
– Its transformation this year.
In line with the objective of Maha Karuna Buddhist Society to serve the needy in Malaysia irrespective of race and religion, since year 2006 we are organising the annual Senior Citizens Appreciation Day to assist around 2500 senior citizens and peoples with disabilities within a day. The recipients will be receiving monetary provision and two bags of essential household items.Since year 2020, the pandemic has changed how we work, learn and interact. Yet, it can’t stop us from giving and continue to inspire others to help to improve the quality of life of others.We deliver relief items one by one to everyone in need, that including senior citizens, needy, disabilities. Year 2021 – 365 Days Joy of GivingCompassion is the key. Only those are moved by compassion will reach out to help others. Charity is an important tenet in every religion because compassion is essential for spiritual life. Daan in Hinduism and Buddhism, tithes and offerings in Christianity ; zakat in Islam, all major religions uphold the philosophy of giving.The power of giving is manifested in the kindness and generosity that you bestow on someone else. When you give to another unselfishly, the vibrational energy emitting from your subconscious is at its strongest. The instant result by power of giving is that it make you feels good when you see the smiles on the face of others.

We are grateful to have support from all the well-wishers and acceptance from the recipients.

【马来西亚宏慈佛教会 新闻提要】 二零二一年
| 感恩长者 与 今年的转变

宏慈佛教会的宗旨是为马来西亚贫困人士, 不分宗教, 不分种族提供援助。从2006年起, 宏慈佛教会配合基金会每年都会举办”长者感恩日”, 于当日为逾千名贫苦长者和家庭提供援助, 受惠人士可获援助金及两袋基本生活日常用品。










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