【Malaysia Maha Karuna Buddhist Society NEWS FEED】06 March 2021 | Edu Aid

A lot of people think to make a donation and they do it. Many think what will I get in return if I help others. You might also wonder what the benefits of helping the needy are. Well, it is all about helping someone in living a better life and achieving his/her dreams. You can be like a savior for somebody by offering a very little fraction of your wealth.

You can play a very important role in someone’s life if you help that person in getting better education. This world needs more and more good people who can do good deeds to support others in improving their lifestyle. You do not need to spend millions of dollars alone; accumulation of the strength of many donors, a few hundreds or few ten Ringgit or just a great encouragement note can work to bring smile on many kids’ faces.

On 6 March 2021, The Scholarship Grant is handovered to the sister of the scholarship recipient, Maithili by the Society’s Treasurer, Mr Tan KM.

The scholarship holder, Logeswaran is currently studying in University Technology Malaysia , who obtained excellent academic result CGP3.92 in his recent examination for Year 3, Semester 2 in Chemical & Energy Engineering.

It marks the Tenth year where Maha Karuna has been providing financial aid to this needy family for the education fee of both children who has been doing well with their excellent academic result and blessed with praiseworthy personalities.

We appreciate and feel thankful to have all the trust and contribution from each sponsor and well-wisher in supporting Maha Karuna’s objective to continue to help the needy in the society.

【马来西亚宏慈佛教会 新闻提要】 二零二一年三月六日 �| 教育 援助






我们珍惜并感谢所有捐助人和祝福者所给予的信任和贡献,以支持宏慈佛教会(Maha Karuna)的宗旨,继续帮助社会里有需要的群体。

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