【Spring News】

Spring has returned! The earth is like a child who understands poetry.

Coronavirus COVID-19 has prompted many of us to learn about the news, care about our loved ones, and adapt to changes in our lives in response to the pandemic’s impact on each of us; in houses, schools, workplaces, and even with everyone. Changes in your relationship, etc. Although some of us worry about work safety, while others deserve our gratitude as they continue to work on the front lines, even if their lives are facing safety risks.

People all over the world see this situation as an opportunity for change-to build a better society based on better health care, employment standards, and social security. In short, we truly take care of each other, and we are in the only society, the earth where we coexist. In addition to economic and social transformation, we have also become more resilient, driving changes in our lives, work, and travel patterns, thereby promoting positive environmental and health outcomes.

2021 may still be a challenging year. It seems that we need to arrange the annual event plan in an online mode. We will inform you of upcoming events in the future. We wish everyone peace and happiness.

February 5, 2021








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