Educare is a yearly charitable event with the objective to provide needy students irrespective of race & religion with school uniforms, shoes, bags and stationeries.

The number of students benefited in year 2017 is around 15,000 students.

Educare 2017 @ Galaxy Banquet Hall, Sentul

Educare 2017 at Galaxy Banquet Hall – Picture Slideshow (Courtesy of Bro. Tony Ng)
Educare 2017 at Galaxy Banquet Hall – Event Video (Courtesy of Bro. Tony Ng)

Educare 2017 @ Yayasan Nanyang Press, PJ

Educare 2017 @ Areas around Shah Alam

Sabah Educare 2017 Gallery

KL Educare 2017 Gallery (at Guru Nanak Punjabi School, Sentul)

Pahang Educare 2017 Gallery (with Gothama Buddhist Society, Pahang)

Background of Educare:

Educare is an annual charitable project started since year 2001. The main objective of our annual Educare events is to provide educational aids in the form of schooling necessities such as uniforms, shoes, bags, stationeries to the needy Malaysian students irrespective of race & religion; hence, we intend to inculcate them with good values and more dedications for them to excel in their studies to become net positive contributors in the present and future society. Educare not only alleviate the financial burden of parents to purchase essential school items for their children, but will also bring hope to many poor children and families. The number of students benefited increased exponentially over the years, from 800 in year 2001 to around 10,000 in year 2014 and approximately 15,000 in year 2017 onwards.