On 18th June 2017, Maha Karuna Buddhist Society has donated an amount of RM208,000 to Sri Lanka flood victim in collaboration with Theravada Buddhist Council Malaysia (TBCM). We then collaborated with TBCM and Asia Musical to host “Tales of 4 Dialects” charity show as a donation drive for this disaster.


Maha Karuna Buddhist Society also distributed cooking utensils, dry foodstuffs, school bags and shoes voucher to affected victims and school children at the following places:

  • Ayagama – 1700 children and families were benefited.
  • Karandana, Handurukanda – 500 children and 100 families were benefited.
  • Kahawatta & Palmadulla – 2000 children and 500 families were benefited.
  • Kalatwanna – 300 students and 150 families were benefited.
  • Karatdenna -1500 affected families were benefited.

Furthermore, we had built 4 houses at Ratnapura (completed on May 2018), and 1 double-story school at Hanguranketha Road, Unuwinna, Kandy, Sri Lanka (completed on July 2018).

Collection of Donations

Tales of 4 Dialects (Donation Drive)

Distribution of Flood Relief Items at Sri Lanka

Construction and Hand-over of Houses and School to Flood Victims in Sri Lanka