Senor Citizens Appreciation

In line with the aims of Yayasan Maha Karuna to serve the needy in Malaysia irrespective of race or religion, we organize this annual charitable event to assist 1,500 Senior Citizens, Needy Families and People with Disabilities. This event has been organized since 2006. The recipients will be receiving cash and 2 bags of essential household provisions.

In their senior age, many senior people feel they are neglected and not appreciated by society. This Senior Citizens Appreciation program is organized to show our gratitude and thanks to the Senior Citizens of this country who have sacrificed and worked hard to develop this blessed country of ours.

In our race to develop materially, we forget to make the senior members of our society to feel needed and respected. An event like this will teach and remind the younger generation the contributions and selfless services of the former generation.

We hope our kind gesture will lessen the recipients financial burden and also to highlight to others the need for us to care for the senior citizens in our society.