Essential School Items For 10,000 Needy Malaysian Students

The purpose of Educare is to present essential school items to needy Malaysian school children, regardless of race or religion.

Educare is the annual charitable project of Siri Jayanti Sunday Dhamma School, whereby essential school items such as school uniforms, bags, shoes, stationeries, and exercise books are distributed to needy school children. All deserving school children in Klang Valley and other states are eligible to become recipients. The selections of recipients are done by the teachers of the respective schools.

Our compassionate teacher, Venerable B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero, the Chief Monk of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple and Principal of Siri Jayanti Sunday Dhamma School is the founder of Educare.

10,000 needy Malaysian students from 200 government schools, orphanages and NGOs will be annually presented with essential educational items.

Distribution of school items to needy students according to years:

2001 – 800 recipients, 2002 – 1,300 recipients, 2003 – 1,800 recipients, 2004 – 2,000 recipients, 2005 – 4,000 recipients, 2006 – 5,000 recipients, 2007 – 5,000 recipients,  2008 – 6,000 recipients, 2009 –7,000 recipients, 2010 – 8,000 recipients, 2011 - 10,000 recipients and 2012 - 10,000 recipients.

Educare is jointly organized by Siri Jayanti Sunday Dhamma School under our parent organization Siri Jayanti Association (1347 Selangor) and Yayasan Maha Karuna (732543-V).

Educare will not only lessen the financial burden of parents to purchase essential school items for their children for the coming new school term but will also bring hope to many children and families.