Maha Karuna Mobile Free Clinic

The Maha Karuna Mobile Free Clinic was launched on 9th April 2006.

The Maha Karuna Mobile Free Clinic provides medical outreach to the needy in rural areas. Medical screening for blood pressure, diabetes, eye sight, and general medical ailments are conducted. Consultation and free medications are provided to patients. Referrals are made to nearby government clinics if necessary. There are qualified doctors, opticians and nurses attending to the patients. All services and medicines provided are free.

Rural communities currently serviced by the Mobile Free Clinic are from Jeram, Ijok, Kuala Selangor, Batang Berjuntai, Dengkil, Sepang, and Pulau Carey.

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 Blood Pressure Measurement
 Blood Test
 Dental Examination
 Eye Test
 Eye Test
 Dispensing Medicine
 Doctors, Nurses and Volunteers
 Medical Advise
 Medical Education