SJMK Youth Centre


Ven. B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera
Chief High Priest (Judiciary) of Malaysia/ Adhikarana Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia

The Siri Jayanti Maha Karuna Youth Centre at Delgoda, Sri Lanka will be an orphanage, training and community centre. The orphans selected to stay at this Centre will be cared by monks, nuns and carefully selected staff to look into their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. They will grow in an environment of care, love, understanding and inspiration.

An environment of education and excellence will be created at this Centre. We plan to create a spirit of hope and motivation for these children to confidently excel in their education and develop a pleasant and effective character.

Spiritual education will be provided by the monks and nuns while their livelihood training will be provided by qualified trainers.

They will be trained in various courses like Information Technology, Nursing, Hospitality, Agriculture and Languages. Assistance will be provided for them to eventually find a life outside the Centre. The self confidence and self competence they acquire from their time at the Centre will assist them to be successful human beings.

The Youth Centre will also be used as a much needed community centre for the poor who live in the areas around the Centre at Delgoda. The poor at Delgoda is in dire need of a centre to cater for their spiritual, educational, social and economic needs.

In 2006, a 4 acre piece of land was acquired at Delgoda, Sri Lanka. In January 2007, construction work began to build an Orphanage, Training and Community Centre with the following infrastructure completed in February 2012:

  1. A Multipurpose Hall
  2. Administrative Centre
  3. Training Centre
  4. Lecture Hall
  5. Library
  6. A Shrine Hall
  7. Meditation Hall
  8. Classrooms
  9. Medical Clinic
  10. 10. Quarters to accommodate students
  11. 11. Monks, Nuns and Staff Quarters
  12. 12. Dining Hall and Kitchen

In the future, more quarters will be built to accommodate the students and also foreign scholar monks and nuns studying Pali and Buddhist studies in Sri Lanka. The Centre will also be open for external needy students to attend the training courses. We will sponsor any external needy students who wish to attend these courses.

Congratulations to Siri Jayanti Association and Maha Karuna Buddhist Society for successfully spearheading this meritorious project. Our sincere thanks to the businesses, religious organizations, non-government organizations, foundations, devotees and well wishers from Malaysia who have generously supported and contributed towards this noble project.

The Official Opening Ceremony of the RM3.5 million SJMK Youth Centre was held on 14th March 2012.

We encourage you to join us in making SJMK Youth Centre a centre for educational excellence for the needy. Any help in making this vision a reality will bring hope to the lives of these needy children.

May You Be Blessed With Good Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Thank You.

Ven. B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera,
Chief Monk, Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ground Breaking Ceremony and Foundation Laying Ceremony

02 Foundation Laying Ceremony.JPG01Ground Breaking Ceremony.jpg03 Foundation Laying Ceremony.JPG

Multipurpose Hall

Multipurpose Hall.jpg01.JPG

Administration Centre & Clinic

01.JPGAdministration Centre  & Clinic.JPG

Training Centre

01.JPGTraining Centre.JPG





Dining Hall & Kitchen

02.JPGDining Hall.JPG

Educare At SJMK Youth Centre - Essential School Items For Needy Students


Sanghikadana At SJMK Youth Centre


Offering Of Dictionaries And Reference Books To Monks Studying At Universities And Colleges AT SJMK Youth Centre


Malaysian Buddhist Devotees Visits To Conduct Spiritual And Charitable Programs And Witness The Development Of Centre